[CLUG-chat] More problems with RedHat 7.1

Thomas Andrews tandrews at mindspring.co.za
Thu Aug 23 13:59:13 SAST 2001

Vladimir Milovanovic wrote:

> Can someone explain to me what I have to do to get the linuxconf package 
> installed on my system? Somehow I dodn?t install it when I installed 
> Linux (RedHat 7.1) and now I am suffering because of that, since setting 
> anything up always bombs out, because linuxconf is not installed. I 
> looked at the RPMs on the two CDs that Linux came on, but there is no 
> RPM called linuxconf. What do I have to install to get linuxconf on my 
> machine?

Linuxconf is on the second RedHat7.1 disk in /RedHat/RPMS
Install like this:
mount -tiso9660 /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom
rpm -UVH /mnt/cdrom/RedHat/RPMS/linuxconf-1.24r2-10.i386.rpm
umount /mnt/cdrom

Linuxconf is not recommended by the way. Apparently RedHat intends dropping 
it in future because of the fact that it often breaks more than it fixes. 
Besides, the best way to configure things is to edit the conf files directly 
- that way you're in control :)

> Alternatively, can I connect to the net without using kPPP, simply from 
> the terminal window?

I've heard people like using vwdial. Never used it myself though.

BTW You should probably post questions to clug-tech rather, because 
clug-chat is much smaller, and intended more for off-topic discussions.


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