[CLUG-chat] Linux support in CTN

Hylton Conacher (ZR1HPC) hylton at global.co.za
Wed Aug 22 17:07:52 SAST 2001


I have just got my personal dual boot machine back from them after they
needed to recover a reiser partition and reload Mandrake 8 amongst other
things given to them in a typed list.

Considering they were charging me R420 an hour I expected some damn good
service. I had also heard that they were good and that is why I agreed
to the labour charge. I was sadly disappointed however when I was
telephoned two days later and asked to collect the machine. I ended up
waiting for the tech support guy for over an hour while he completed
moving my Windows documents from a burned CD to HDD and imported my
Windows Netscape folders into Linux Netscape. Sure they were copied
but with errors i.e. a file called mailfilter.log was added in as a
folder under Inbox, all the summary files (.snm) Netscape keeps were
added as folders  and all the filters I had set-up under Windows were
not imported, if they can be. considering I have over 200 folders,
having to go and delete over 200 .snm folders is not acceptable.

The chap said that the invoice would reflect 3 hours of work even though
I was there for 1 of the 4 hours it took them over the 2 days they had
the machine. 3 hours to do a minimal Mandrake install and copy 500 Mb of
documents and do nothing else?? The tech seemed more available to his
corporate customers even though I , as a personal customer, had brought
my machine to him on a
Friday morning and received it back on Monday afternoon. I figured that
as long as I was a paying customer I would get the same 'excellent'
service the corporate clients got.

I would rather and am going to investigate purchasing another machine 
which I will load with a full Mandrake. I will then make the current
dual booting system a Win95 machine only i.e. remove Linux. Then at
least I know it is going to be what I want and I can learn it whilst
still having Windows Netscape to retrieve email on. If the  LM machine
crashes then it will just delay my
linux learning experience and not the email and documents I rely on. At
least then I do not have to reboot almost continuously to toggle between
Linux and Win95. The BSOD I will just have to tolerate until I can
personally say that Linux is a worthy adversary to Windows. i.e. do what
Windows does but provide additional GPL tools. When I can prove that my
Linux is better than Windows then I will move my Netscape folders and
files across.

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