[CLUG-chat] More problems with RedHat 7.1

Vladimir Milovanovic vlad at webmail.co.za
Wed Aug 22 19:15:45 SAST 2001

Hi all, 

Can someone explain to me what I have to do to get the linuxconf package installed on my system? Somehow I dodn't install it when I installed Linux (RedHat 7.1) and now I am suffering because of that, since setting anything up always bombs out, because linuxconf is not installed. I looked at the RPMs on the two CDs that Linux came on, but there is no RPM called linuxconf. What do I have to install to get linuxconf on my machine?

Also, how do I set up my modem? In the KDE control panel, I can see that my modem is picked up by the system, I can even query it and get the normal responses. However, when I try and dial up, using the kPPP dialer, the modem hangs on the initialisation string, i.e. doesn't reply with a OK signal to an ATZ command. This is strange since when I give an ATZ command from a terminal window I get an OK reply.

What's going on, what should I do to get the modem to work with kPPP?

Alternatively, can I connect to the net without using kPPP, simply from the terminal window?



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