[CLUG-chat] Problems with RedHat 7.1

Vladimir Milovanovic vlad at webmail.co.za
Fri Aug 17 02:15:15 SAST 2001

Hello everyone,

I just installed RH 7.1 on my win2k machine, and ran into problems straight away. I have two disks in my machine, C: - 10 gig and a 15 gig which is partitioned into D: and F: - both partitions are equal. To install linux, I partitioned the D: partition, using Partition magic, and made two additional partitions - one 200MB for linux swap, and other 1200MB for linux and apps. When installing everything went somoothly, but when I wanted to restart my system and go back into w2k, I could only choose linux in the lilo menu. So I went into KDE Kontrol panel, and set the lilo boot partition to my /dev/hda  - which I assume is the C: partition.

Now the problenm is that Linux does not want to boot from lilo, it says something about not being able to find the boot partition.

Please, can someone tell me what happened, and how do I get it to work? Also, would it be possible to restore my MBR to its previous state, and they try again, this time actually knowing what I'm doing? :)

If someone has any clue about what I did wrong, please tell me. Also, can you please email me the reply directly, as I ma not subscribing to the list at the moment.


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