[CLUG-announce] Introductory Python Course, August 27-29 and 17-19 September

Marco Gallotta marco at gallotta.co.za
Tue Aug 10 17:39:49 SAST 2010

Hey all

We're approaching the application deadline (this Friday), but I'm just
passing this on in case any of you have kids / know of kids / whatever that
are keen to get an introduction to programming. The courses are fully
sponsored, so there is no charge. Feel free to send any queries to
queries at umonya.co.za

Please note that this course is not for adults, and we unfortunately have to
reject any applications from them. Our aim is to generate enthusiasm amongst
kids who otherwise wouldn't have such an opportunity. If, however, you would
like to volunteer your assistance we would be very grateful. :)


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*UCT Algorithm Circle*

[image: UCT Logo-shield only.jpg]

*Introduction to Programming using Python*

Dear Head of Maths and IT

UCT Algorithm Circle, and Stellenbosch University CS department is hosting a
free introductory programming course at UCT on *27 to 29 August* and at
Stellenbosch on *17 to 19 September*. This course is targeted at *grade 7-12
* learners with little or no knowledge of programming. Applications are only
open to learners who are currently in school. We are searching for highly
motivated learners that learn quickly.

Attached is an information sheet, with more information, along with a flyer
that you can use to advertise the course to the learners.

Space is limited, so we encourage your learners to apply at
www.umonya.co.zaas soon as possible. A teacher referral, especially
from a Maths or IT
teacher would greatly help the learner's application.

Referrals should be sent to apply at umonya.co.za and should includes the

   -  Name of the applicant

   -  Short paragraph motivating why you think should he/she should be

*The deadline for applications is **13 August 2010.*

Further information is available at: www.umonya.co.za

Please send enquiries to:

UCT Algorithm Cirlce

Department of Computer Science
University of Cape Town
7701 Rondebosch

Email: queries at umonya.co.za

+27 21 650 2663

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