[CLUG-announce] Call for Abstracts for ZaCon09

Thomas Andrews tandrews at grok.co.za
Fri Aug 28 19:44:47 SAST 2009


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        /infosec for the rest of us/ - http://www.zacon.org.za

We are happy to announce a call for abstracts for South Africa's first
community-oriented infosec conference, ZaCon.

   Why ZaCon?

Many other conferences exist to cater either to the strictly Academic or
Professional individual. We want a simple community based  forum that is
completely free  of  corporate affiliation (or shilling).  The intention
behind this  is  that the passion for the field or  of sharing knowledge
should  be the primary motivation of attending  or speaking at this con-

We aim to fulfill these objectives:

     * Provide a platform for publication of infosec research
     * Showcase free locally-developed infosec tools
     * Support  the interaction of industry, academia and  the interested
     * Encourage discussion on infosec / hackery / sec-related-geekery at
     * Build the ZA infosec community
     * Provide a platform to up-n-coming talent

   Who's organising this?

You can contact the organising comm at: people at zacon.org.za

Remember, ZaCon is about the speakers and the attendees,  not the organ-

   How to Participate

We are looking for /interesting/ submissions  that relate to information
security.  With  an  expected technical audience,  submissions  that are
highly  technical  or have significant  technical  content  will receive
preference, however non-technical submissions are also welcomed.


Write a short abstract on what you plan to talk about and mail it to:

    abstracts at zacon.org.za

Your abstract should outline the  content of your talk, and your details
so we can contact you. (guidelines follow below)

Submissions don't have  to  contain original  research  (in other words,
submissions that present the work of other security researchers are wel-
comed so long as attribution is maintained.)  This has  the advantage of
encouraging young or inexperienced presenters as well as bringing global
research within reach of locals.

     * Want to tell everyone about this cool new tool you  wrote to do X?
       mail us!
     * Want to show everyone your Arduino driven lava lamp that lights up
       on snort alerts? mail us!
     * Want to share with everyone information on rootkits from  a recent
       DefCon talk? mail us!
     * Want to share with everyone how you use dns2tcp and ssh tunnels to
       steal wifi at hotspots? mail us!
     * Want to demonstrate how you actually managed to get log monitoring
       working by compressing 10000 entries to 3 a day? mail us!
     * Want to share how you built  a single sign on service and  made it
       interoperable between Oracle and SAP? mail us!


Topics of interest include (but are not limited) the following:

     * Code analysis
     * Crypto
     * Databases security
     * Exploitation
     * Forensics and anti-forensics
     * Reverse engineering
     * Web app security
     * Integrating security technologies
     * Technical security management
     * Any security related hackery and fun!

   What you need to do

Submit a mail with the following to abstracts at zacon.org.za

     * Name/Handle
     * Presentation Title
     * Presentation Outline
     * Expected presentation length (max 1 hour, min 15 minutes)

   Important Dates

CFP will close on Sept 15, with responses by Sept 22.

   Dates and venue and logistics

ZaCon will run on  a Saturday in November 2009.  The venue will be in  a
relatively  humble setting  in the  broader Johannesburg area. (This de-
pends on expected numbers,  so mail us if you are interested in present-
ing or attending or, heaven forbid, hosting).

   Sponsored by

Nobody! It is important to us that ZaCon does not transform into a cor-
porate conference.


     * Site: http://zacon.org.za
     * Submissions: abstracts at zacon.org.za
     * General queries: people at zacon.org.za

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