[CLUG-announce] CLUG Lists: Be polite

Jonathan Carter jonathan at clug.org.za
Tue Jun 12 20:23:36 SAST 2007

Hi Cluggers

This message is of relevance to those who make use of the CLUG mailing 

Changes have been made to the mailing list rules[1], which applies to 
the clug-chat[2], clug-tech[3], clug-work[4] and clug-noise[5] lists 
served on the CLUG mailing list server[6].

Previously, "Be polite" was rule number 6 under the netiquette section. 
We have promoted this to the number 1 rule, under both the content and 
the netiquette sections to emphasize how important it is.

Being polite is important to an on-line community, and that applies to 
CLUG too, since a large part of the participation occurs on-line.

Some tips:

  * If you have web access, please attempt to perform a web search
    before posting a question. Great search tools already exist, such
    as the Google[7] search engine
  * If someone asks a question that may be easily referenced, do not
    use abbreviations such as RTFM[8] or JFGI[8]. Instead, give some
    pointers and explain to the user that there are great tools for
    finding help, such as on-line documentation[9] and specialised
  * If you happen to disagree with someone, please take the argument
    off-list. We love to read differences on opinion on technical
    issues. When it becomes personal though, we're not interested in
    reading who's mother has hair where. If you have serious issues
    with a person, give them a phone call or arrange to meet them in
    person, but don't use the list to fight personal battles, everyone
    has to give their ego a rest sometimes.
  * If you happen to disagree with the CLUG list rules, please contact
    the CLUG committee[11] and your request will be evaluated, but
    don't blatantly ignore the rules simply because you don't like them.

CLUG is a vibrant and energetic community, and we prefer to think of 
ourselves as friendly, professional individuals who provide assistance 
to like-minded people. Let's not get a reputation for being otherwise, a 
small minority of people may cause some noise and make everyone look 
like monkeys[12]. So if someone does step out  of line a bit, please 
remain polite, and attempt to help them communicate better.

Keep in mind that the list rules are there to make the lists easier for 
people to follow, and more fun for everyone who participates. It is not 
the intention to restrict or punish people, however repeat offenders and 
trouble makers will be dealt with in the appropriate manner.[13]

Your co-operation is appreciated, have fun!


  [1] http://wiki.clug.org.za/wiki/Mailing_list_rules
  [2] http://lists.clug.org.za/mailman/listinfo/clug-chat
  [3] http://lists.clug.org.za/mailman/listinfo/clug-tech
  [4] http://lists.clug.org.za/mailman/listinfo/clug-work
  [5] http://lists.clug.org.za/mailman/listinfo/clug-noise
  [6] http://lists.clug.org.za/mailman/listinfo
  [7] http://www.google.co.za
  [8] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RTFM
  [9] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manual_page_(Unix)
[10] http://www.google.co.za/linux
[11] mailto:clug-committee at clug.org.za
[12] Not that we have anything against monkeys, per se
[13] Andre Truter and High Horse have volunteered their services

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