[CLUG-announce] Freedom League

Jonathan Carter jonathan at shuttleworthfoundation.org
Tue Jan 31 08:59:54 SAST 2006

 From the Geek Freedom League:

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Love open source software? Love telling other people and about open
source software? Love installing it on anything that plugs into a
wall-socket? Ever heard of the Geek Freedom League?

The Geek Freedom League is a subproject of the Go Open Source Campaign
and is designed to help support you, the techies, geeks and advanced
computer users out there. Our mission this year is to help get you all
the kewl software you need, do whatever we can to help you get it
installed on other people's computers, spur you on with fantastic prizes
and rewards, and then also provide you with great opportunities to get
certified. The Freedom League is all about loving open source software
and showing other people how good it is.

We've kicked the year off with a competition for the best recruiter out
there - simply tell some of your friends about the league and ask them
to enter your email address when they sign up too. This will put you in
the running for a very nifty 17" TFT monitor as well as other prizes.
During the course of the year we'll also be hosting LPI certification
events, country wide install-fests, and many more competitions. To get
all of this done, we rely heavily on your help, so if you have any ideas
of how you could get involved, please contact us.

To register for the League, simply stroll on over to
http://www.go-opensource.org/freedom and click on sign-up. We'll send
you 10 Open CD's and 2 Ubuntu CD sets soon after you sign up. If you
then install 10 pieces of software on other people's computers and
register those installs on the website, we'll be sending more CD's, your
very own limited edition Freedom League laptop bag (brand new design
courtesy of our friends over at Hip2B2) as well as the full Go Open TV
show on DVD. We also have some t-shirts, caps and other goodies which
we'll be sending out as long as stocks last.

Thanks for your time, and see you soon!

Eric Andrews

The Geek Freedom League
eric at babelgeek.com
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