[CLUG-announce] CLUG Server Migration (Downtime)

Stefano Rivera stefano at clug.org.za
Mon Jan 16 12:19:39 SAST 2006

The CLUG server, Dreamcoat, will be swapped for a replacement server
this afternoon. This means the mailing lists will be down for a while.
Hopefully <10 minutes, but probably longer...

The new server sports much bigger disks, a huge FTP mirror for UCT, and
an installation of Debian that we can upgrade (the current server is
somewhere in pre-woody-land needing a glibc update :-)

We have configured tighter mail restrictions to curb SPAM, so if you
find yourself unable to post to the CLUG lists, please let us know.

Also, migrating the mailing list data over to the new server seems to
make it spew out a whole lot of warning messages - I hope they aren't
anything to worry about.

If you have any issues please let us know on this wiki page:
or contact me privatly.

Lets hope the migration goes according to plan :-)


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