[CLUG-announce] LPI Level 1 & 2 Exams for Oct

Eric Andrews - Babelgeek eric at babelgeek.com
Mon Aug 21 12:31:09 SAST 2006

Hi All

The Geek Freedom League is very excited to announce that level 2 exams 
will be available at our October LPI exams - they will also be paper 
based and will delivered at the reduced rate negotiated by the GFL for 
2006. A friendly reminder that the price of all these exams will be 
standardised at $150 next year, so write as many as you possibly can now!

The new dates are as follows:

29 Sept    -Cape Town    - Venue to be confirmed
2 Oct    -Port Elizabeth    - Venue needed - please assist
3 Oct    -East London    - Venue needed - please assist
4 Oct    -KZN        - Venue needed - please assist
5 Oct    -Mokopane    - Mokopane multi purpose centre
6 Oct    -Gauteng    - Venue needed - please assist

These exams dates for level 1 & 2 have been finalised and won't be 
cancelled or postponed, so please register as soon as you can. We're 
giving plenty of forewarning for these exams, so we're looking forward 
to a bumper turn-out. The LPI exams will be R275 each for GFL members 
and R300 if not. Ubuntu exams will be R300 each for everyone.

If you still need a LPI ID please get it from 
https://www1.lpi.org/en/register.html. They have FAQs about the 
certification there too. Once you have your LPI ID, then reserve a seat 
at the session of your choice on the SA LPI site 
http://www.lpi.org.za/register/. Please do this so we can pre-order your 
exams to avoid disappointment on the day. If you require free training 
notes you can download them from 
http://www.ledge.co.za/software/lpinotes/. Unfortunately level 2 course 
notes don't seem to be available.

If you want regular updates on these exams and SFD's planned please join 
the Freedom League on http://www.freedomleague.org.za if you aren't 
already registered.

Eric Andrews

Babelgeek Technologies
eric at babelgeek.com
Tel:    +27   21975 5819
Mobile: +27   820800 505

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