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Thomas Black thomas at shuttleworthfoundation.org
Sun Feb 1 23:29:46 SAST 2004

Hi All

I'm happy to announce that the Shuttleworth Foundation is looking for
several new employees, all related to our activities in open source.
Please look through the following information and email me your CV
should you be interested in applying:

* Coalition project manager
The Foundation recently initiated a project to promote open source in
South Africa through the formation of an open source 'coalition',
consisting of several open source role players. Each of these
orgnisations are committing funding to a two year project to promote
open source in South Africa. Much of the groundwork for this project has
been completed, but we need a go-getter to manage and run with this project.

Full jobspec available at http://www.tsf.org.za/jobs/coalition_manager.pdf

* Project coordinator
We are looking for an additional person to join the open source team to
help us manage some of of our various open source projects. Managing
these projects requires a good understanding of open source software and
philosophies, as well as good project management and time management skills.

Full jobspec available at http://www.tsf.org.za/jobs/project_coordinator.pdf

* Technical coordinator
We are looking for an open source techie to assist us with our current
projects. These include deploying open source systems in universities &
schools; managing volunteers and deployment teams; researching new open
source solutions; and managing much of our open source internal

Full jobspec available at

* Project administrator
We're looking for someone to perform some of the administrative duties
associated with our many projects. Some of the duties would include
defining and managing processes for receiving information queries,
managing funding applications,  arranging meetings and events, etc.
Proven administrations skills are essential.

Full jobspec available at

* Website writer
We're looking for someone to manage the websites for the Shuttleworth
group of companies. While technical skills are important, priority is
given to proven writing skills. Candidates with journalistic experience
will be given preference.

Full jobspec available at http://www.tsf.org.za/jobs/website_writer.pdf

* Helpdesk technician
We're looking for young and enthusiastic individuals to man an open
source helpdesk. Good communication skills and GNU/Linux skills are
obviously important.

Full jobspec available at http://www.tsf.org.za/jobs/hepdesk_technician.pdf

* Senior programmer
We're looking for experienced C and Python programmers to join Mark
Shuttleworth's latest project. These programmers will be responsible for
leading teams that maintain and further develop open source pieces of

Full jobspec available at http://www.tsf.org.za/jobs/senior_programmer.pdf

* Junior programmer
Similar to above, these programmers will form the teams that support
pieces of open source software.

Full jobspec available at

Should you have any queries, feel free to email me. Should you know
anyone who may be interested in one of these jobs, please pass the
message on.



Thomas Black
Open Source Program Manager
The Shuttleworth Foundation
Tel. +27 21 9701208
Fax. +27 21 9701209

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