[CLUG-announce] updates on the installfest tomorrow

Abraham van der Merwe abz at frogfoot.net
Fri Sep 12 10:52:49 SAST 2003


In light of the requests from all the poor students in Cape Town, we
have decided to drop the entrance fee at this weekend's installfest.

Of course, if you still want to donate some money to help pay for the pizza,
we'd really appreciate it (:

Those who have paid already, please contact our treasurer for a refund:

    Christopher Roomes <chris at clug.org.za>

Please note that

  (a) There are NO GUARANTEES that we will be able to install Linux on
      everyone's computer.

  (b) Make BACKUPS _before_ the event! Although we will do our best not to
      destroy any data on your PC, we can make no guarantees and we
      therefore strongly recommend that you make backups if you have
      anything on your PC which you'd like to keep.

  (c) The event will be from 10:30am to 15:30pm (Saturday, 12 September
      2003, i.e. tomorrow)

  (d) If you have any EXTENSION CORDS / MULTIPLUG ADAPTERS lying around at
      home, please bring it to the installfest!

  (e) If your know how to install Linux and WANT TO HELP out, please come
      and help!

We would like to thank The Shuttleworth Foundation for sponsoring the Linux
CDs were going to give away at the installfest.

See you there tomorrow!



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