[CLUG-announce] Forthcoming CLUG Meetings

Craig Balfour craig at clug.org.za
Fri May 23 16:25:50 SAST 2003

Here is a list of forthcoming CLUG meetings. Note: 

* Some meetings on this list (often the ones scheduled well in advance)
are subject to change. The meeting will be confirmed in a separate 
mail to clug-announce a day or two before the meeting. Use this list 
for planning your meeting attendance. 

* CLUG meetings are always on the second and last Tuesdays of every
month in Lecture Theatre 2, Chemical Engineering Building at the 
University of Cape Town

Here are the meetings we have scheduled so far: 

2003-05-27 -  Palm pilot programming by Steven van der Merwe

2003-06-10 -  IPSEC - encryption and authentication extensions for 
	ipv4, low-level talk by Paul Sheer. 

2003-06-24 - OpenBSD pf (packet filter) by Warwick Duncan 

2003-07-08 - Writing applications that will run on Windows using the 
	GNU tool chain by Paul Sheer


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