[CLUG-announce] linux security training

Johann Botha joe at frogfoot.net
Thu Aug 29 00:13:26 SAST 2002


As some may know IT Intellect (http://www.itintellect.com/) is offering a
Sair GNU/Linux training course in Cape Town. The Security part of the course
starts on the 2nd of Sept.

The course covers topics like,
Kerberos, general theory, spoofing, monitoring, firewalling, crypto...
PAM, DoS, ACLs, NIS, VPNs...

Abraham (http://oasis.frogfoot.net/) and I will be lecturing the course.

Price: R3 750
There is a 10% discount if 2 people sign up together

If you need more info you can mail me or contact IT Intellect.


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