[CLUG-announce] TSF Request for OSS Proposals

Thomas Viljoen thomas at tsf.org.za
Fri Aug 2 09:45:33 SAST 2002

Hi All

The Shuttleworth Foundation is looking for projects!

The Shuttleworth Foundation (TSF) was founded by South African
entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth to promote the use of innovation in
education. We believe that by using available technology and resources,
many of the challenges in our education system can be overcome.

One of TSF's two primary focuses is the promotion of open source
software in the educational arena. TSF firmly believes in the use of
open source software as an economical and practical method of accessing
technology. We also believe that knowledge of open source software will
become an essential skill as the global trend of adopting open source
software continues to grow.

The Foundation intends to promote open source software primarily through
the funding of innovative new projects. We look to invest in well
researched initiatives that can make a significant difference to South
African schools and education. Additionally we intend evaluating
existing projects as well as generally raising awareness through
workshops, competitions and training.

We need your support! - Should you have a project that meets these
objectives and requires funding, please send a proposal to
proposals at tsf.org.za.

Examples of project we have funded include: translate.org.za -
translating Mozilla into all South Africa's offical languages; the
establishment of a Linux School Lab at Alexander Sinton High School and
a public libraries ICT access project using Linux and refurbished
computers. Currently we have more Linux School Labs in the pipeline and
are investigating ways of successfully continuing the Schooltool project
through partnerships with interested parties.

For more information about TSF, including funding guidelines, please
visit http://www.tsf.org.za.

Should you have suggestions for other mailing lists to which this
message should be sent, please email thomas at tsf.org.za

We're looking forward to receiving your proposal!

-The Shuttleworth Foundation Team

The Shuttleworth Foundation
Tel. +27 21 9701200 | Fax. +27 21 9701201

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